Relics of past generations recovered from Baltimore brick project

Tonight at 6 p m we tell you the histor 2381770000 11457537 ver1.0 640 480Uncovering a neighborhood's history from behind the plywood used to board it up; exhuming not just the material used to build it, but the personal affects that once made it a home.

Progress is slow in the 2400 block of East Eager Street in Baltimore’s Milton-Montford Neighborhood; purposefully so.

It is after all deconstruction, not demolition -- a project taking more than 100 year old row homes apart much the same way they were built, brick, by brick.

The art of rowhouse deconstruction -- saving materials and memories

thumbIn East Baltimore, where Humanim is dismantling rowhomes, a blog tracks the everyday artifacts found there

Max Pollock can talk about bricks all day. The minutiae of forged clay building blocks – their composition, their history, their nomenclature – is his hobby, if not obsession. (He has a collection of more than 1,000 bricks, many on display in his Seton Hill rowhouse.)

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